Available Products & Sizes


Hot-Rolled Rebars and Thread Bars (according to CSA Standard G 30.18-09 and ASTM)


Diameter: 15 M, 20 M, 25 M, 30 M, 35 M, 45 M, 55 M

Grade: 400 W, 500 W, No Grade (CSA)

Grade: 75, 80 (ASTM)

Lengths: In addition to standard lengths MANA is capable to supply specially defined lengths according to customer requirements.



Hot-Rolled SBQ Bars and Coils


Diameter: 0.555" to 1.281" (14 mm to 32.5 mm)

Finished Coils size: 2200 – 4200 lbs, with 54" O.D. and 40" I.D.

Finished straight bundle weight: 10,000 lbs (max), lengths of

7’-9" to 60’-0"


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