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Mandatory Principles & Guidelines of the Group of Companies Max Aicher Foundation



1. The Max Aicher Group is at home worldwide

Since January 2015, the Max Aicher Group is under the auspices of the Max Aicher Foundation ("Max Aicher Stiftung"), one of the largest private foundations in Bavaria. The Foundation’s purpose is to preserve the life work of Max Aicher for future generations.

To safeguard this objective, we are committed to the ongoing development and profitable growth of the Max Aicher Group based on the success that we have achieved thus far.

Our over 3,500 employees in 18 countries are working with passion and technological know-how on high-quality products as well as on intelligent industrial procedures and services for sustainable progress. Their qualifications and commitment are the basis for our success.

With our products, we wish to be the preferred partner worldwide for our customers.

Our specific areas of expertise are:

  • Steel & production
  • Environment & recycling
  • Real properties & projects
  • Building & construction
  • Leisure & tourism

A high degree of autonomy in the business operations of our companies is a key prerequisite for our sustainable success.


2. The name Max Aicher stands for customer orientation, excellence, sustainable value creation, integrity and team spirit

       Customer orientation

In order to be successful over the long term, we listen to our customers and are always guided by our customers‘ objectives. Our wish is to collaborate with our customers on a partnership basis, as only then can we overcome the challenges of the future.


We are committed to be one of the best in each of the fields of business in which we operate. Our excellence is based on:

  • Consistency - Our decades of experience, the potential of our research and development and the continual development of our technologies ensure that our products and services will have the features and qualities desired and expected by our customers. We see this as the prerequisite for offering our employees a secure job now and in the future.
  • Competence - We are convinced that the success of our companies can only be maintained if all our employees contribute to providing best solutions and practices at the workplace. To this end, we help and encourage our employees to bring their creativity and potential to their work as a way to promote our joint success. Our managerial personnel act as role models in this process.
  • Reliability and on-time delivery - The trust of our business associates is a precious commodity. A key to this is the tailored quality of our products and the processes used to manufacture and deliver these products. We stand by our word. We act resolutely, transparently and professionally.
  • Future development - We are open to new ideas and changes. On the basis of what we have already achieved, we wish to develop new technologies and products. Our goal is to give the market also new directions with innovations and creative solutions in order to acquire competitive advantages and satisfy the highest quality and safety standards.
  • Courage - We act resolutely and courageously, but not recklessly. In order to find creative and innovative solutions, we are open to adopting new approaches and have the courage to constantly scrutinize the work we do. We act according to our convictions. In this respect, our joint values have priority over our own interests. Within a climate of mutual respect, we do and say what we consider to be right, and we encourage constructive criticism.

       Sustainable value creation

For us, performance means value creation in the interest of our customers. We use materials and energy efficiently and are sensible and sparing in our consumption of natural resources and raw materials.


We comply with the law and act in accordance with ethical principles. We meet our obligations and take personal responsibility for our actions.

       Team spirit

Co-operation as a partnership is the basis for a trusting and enduring collaboration. In dealings with each other, we are honest and mutually exchange our knowledge and experiences. We deal with each other fairly and decently. We trust our colleagues and behave in a trustworthy manner to earn their trust.


3. Our commitment to socially responsible management

We are committed to socially responsible management. This means that we are mindful of the consequences of our business decisions and actions from an economic, technological and also social and ecological perspective, and we bring about an appropriate reconciliation of interests.

We actively work to ensure that the values and principles set out below are heeded and complied with on a sustained basis.


4. Law-abiding conduct

We adhere to the laws and other legal provisions applicable in the countries where we operate. In countries with a weak institutional framework, we consider using good business practices as regards responsible management from our own home country as support.


5. Model of respectability

We base our actions on valid ethical values and principles: integrity, probity, the respect for human dignity, and openness and non-discrimination on the basis of religion, ideology, gender or ethnicity.

We reject corruption and bribery. We promote transparency, integrity and responsible management and control within our companies.

We pursue proper and recognized business practices and fair competition. In competition, we are guided by professional conduct and high-quality work. We deal with the supervisory authorities as a partnership and on the basis of mutual trust.

We respect proprietary rights and take measures to protect and promote proprietary rights, including both physical and intellectual property.


6. Communication and responsible handling of information

We communicate with employees, customers, suppliers and other interest groups and entitlement groups openly and on a dialogue-orientated basis, and openly discuss the requirements of these MP&G and their implementation. We only make commitments that we can keep. We stand by our responsibility. We show appreciation and recognition.

Open and effective communication includes correct and truthful reporting. All documents and records are drawn up dutifully, are not dishonestly altered or destroyed and are properly stored.

Industrial and trade secrets, as well as all other confidential information, are treated sensitively and protected in a suitable manner against third-party access and against disclosure to third parties. When acquiring and using personal data, the protection of privacy is heeded, and the security of this data is ensured.


7. Basic principles in the work environment

We respect international human rights. It goes without saying that we recognize the following core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and heed the laws applicable in the different countries and locations in which we operate:

The prohibition of child labour, i.e., the prohibition of employment of persons under the age of 15, unless the local legal provisions specify higher age limits, and unless exceptions are permissible.

The prohibition of forced labour of any kind.

The right of employees to freedom of association, to freedom of assembly and to collective bargaining and pay-scale negotiations, insofar as this is legally permissible and possible in the country concerned.

The treatment of all employees without discrimination. We commit to equal opportunity and diversity. Nobody is discriminated against on the basis of gender, age, disability, nationality, skin colour, race, ethnic origin, religion, ideology or sexual orientation.

In the work environment, we expect that the dignity, privacy and personal rights of each individual are respected. Violence at work, sexual harassment, physical, emotional or verbal bullying, tormenting or abuse are not tolerated.


8. Health and safety at work

The health and safety of our employees in the workplace is a high priority. In the fields of health and safety at work, we are subject to various site-related national and international provisions. The companies and sites concerned ensure that the working conditions of all employees meet the applicable provisions regarding health and safety at work and accident prevention. We adhere to the labour standards regarding the maximum permissible working time.

All employees are called upon to be vigilant at all times in order to be aware of possible dangers at work and in their work environment, in their own interest and in the interest of their colleagues.

Responsibility in relation to employees and colleagues requires that optimum precautions be taken against accidents and applies to:

The technical planning of jobs, facilities and processes,

Safety management, encompassing on the one hand the containment of actual and potential risks to on-the-job safety and, on the other hand, the training of employees in order that accidents and occupational illnesses be optimally prevented, as well as

Personal conduct in the course of day-to-day work.


9. Environmental protection

We fulfil the provisions and standards relating to environmental protection concerning our respective business establishments and act in an environmentally conscious manner at all sites. We are responsible and sparing in our consumption of natural resources, raw materials, energy and other materials. In particular, our business actions focus on the complete life cycle of the products, from the use of raw materials to product development, production and product usage right through to disposal and recycling.


10. Consumer interests

We are committed to provisions that provide consumers protection and that provide appropriate sales, marketing and information practices. Groups that need particular protection (e.g., children and adolescents) enjoy special attention.


11. Civic commitment

We contribute not only to the well-being of the employees and their families but also to the social and economic development of the country and the region in which we operate by creating and preserving jobs, by promoting and providing ongoing training and by providing opportunities to develop competence, expertise and skills that strengthen professional qualifications.

By supporting associations, organizations and events in the region, we promote experience, role models and incentives in the fields of sport, culture and education. In this respect, young people and people in need of care are at the forefront of our efforts. We also support corresponding voluntary activities of our employees.


12. Scope of application, implementation

These MP&G apply to all branches and business units of the Group Max Aicher Stiftung worldwide. We make all suitable and reasonable efforts to continually implement and apply the principles and values described in these MP&G.

We are committed to seeking compliance with the content of these MP&G from our suppliers and within the further value creation chain, insofar as this lies within the bounds of our possibilities and room for manoeuvre in each respective case.

Upon request and within the scope of reciprocity, our contractual partners are informed of the key measures, so that it becomes clear to them how adherence to the content of these MP&G is fundamentally ensured. There is no entitlement whatsoever to the disclosure of industrial and trade secrets, of information relating to competition or of information that is otherwise worthy of protection.


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